Machine Specifications


Machine size: 2.2 mtrs long Vacuum Conveyor. (nylon)
Vacuum system : 300 CFM Turbine Blower for Card holding on conveyor
Speed (with inkjet printing inspection) : 18,000 cards/hour
Motor : AC motor – BONFIGLOI
A.C. Drive :Siemens or Allen Bradley
Cards feeding speed : 250 / min. Vacuum Feeding Unit (500 mm long)>
Material of Construction : Complete S.S.
Card sizes : Card samples to be provided by the customer
Stacker/Destacker Magazine: for Horizontal movement
Brackets for sensors : Inkjet sensor + Label applicator sensors
Rejecter unit: PLC controlled pneumatic Operated rejection
Collector unit : collector bin will be provided

Label Applicator system with accuracy of ±1.0 mm (Depending on card and label quality)

Machine Specifications

PRINTING OPTIONS (Single Up, Four Up & Five Ups)

Machine speed: 18,000 cards/hour
Motor: Servo Motor (imported) with display & controlling unit.
Cards feeding speed : 300 cards per min. (Plastic & Paper 200 gsm)
Material of Construction: S S & Aluminium
Card sizes: Card samples to be provided by the customer (plastic or paper)

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